Monday, January 23, 2012

The Big E Word -- Exercise

 I think exercise is like the ocean tide- we do it waves. Sometimes we're on a roll and we get into our swimming or our walk with a friend or a great exercise class- and then "life happens" and we washout (get out of the routine).
     Then we catch another wave- and come back with something else.
     Yet, we are not as consistent as those ocean waves... Sometimes it takes us weeks or months to catch another exercise routine.
     What I've learned from my training is that YOU are the EXPERT in YOU. I can tell you that I get up at 7 AM and I put on my exercise clothes (Because if I don't do it in the morning, it's really tough to fit it in.) I can tell you a story about my one of my exercise members who dislikes exercise; she rolls out of bed and puts on a zumba video before she has time to talk herself out of it. Yet, the best story for you is YOUR story.

  • When did you have your best experience with exercise?
  • Who did you walk with?
  • What class did you take?
  • What would make it enjoyable again?

     In order to catch your "wave" you might do well to think back about when exercise was working for you and figure out how to re-capture that success.
     MAKING TIME FOR EXERCISE- only YOU can figure that one out. I could make suggestions from here until tomorrow, but none of my advice would mean as much as you picking your ideal time and giving it a go.
     So get going! Take a couple of minutes to think about it- what's your best story with exercise? Remember how good you felt when you were consistently exercising? Would you like to recapture that powerful feeling by committing to something now? And after you recommit, perhaps think of a back up plan when you can't have your number one activity choice. How will you track this commitment?
     Coach yourself into being as consistent as the ocean. Your body will thank you. You'll have more energy! And it certainly will boost your weight-loss efforts and feeling of overall wellness.
     So- what's your best story with exercise? What's the next chapter?

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