Sunday, April 24, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life


It's easy to fall into food ruts.  After all, we know how to track familiar foods - no looking things up, no meals to plan.  Plus they are safe and comfortable.  But eating the same foods over and over can get boring-and boring is not Good!  It can lead to feelings of deprivation (and we all know what that leads to!)  When we stick to the same things every day, we miss out on the nutrients our bodies need.

Let's talk about how we can define strategies to avoid boredom, how can we spice up our menus.  If you are coming to the meeting this week, bring boxes or lists of the foods that help you get through the week.

We need to make sure we are aware of the signs of boredom..the food know, chicken, rice and a vegetable one night and rice, chicken and a vegetable the next night...makes you want to run right out and order a pizza after too many nights of the same thing!  We are so fortunate that we can try different foods, different fruits and vegetables depending on the time of the season.

Shake it up!!!!!  After all if everything stayed the same, life would be pretty Boring!!

Here is a Poem I thought was appropriate...


Some people sit - some people try;
Some people laugh - some people cry;

Some people will - some people won't
Some people do - some people don't.

Some people believe and develop a plan;
Some people doubt - never think that they can;

Some people face hurdles and give it their best;
Some people back down when faced with a test

Some people complain of their miserable lot;
Some people are thankful for all that they've got;

And when it's all over - when it comes to an end-
Some people lose out and some people win.

We all have a choice - we all have a say;
We are spectators in life or we get in and play;

Whichever we choose - how we handle life's game;
The choices are ours - no one else to blame.

Until Thursday,


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